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My Life as Abraham Lincoln

In this award-winning, surreal dark comedy, Cindy Rossberg (Caroline Luft) deals with the death of her fiancé (Trevor Nelson) on her wedding day. Her psychiatrist (Gerry Birnbach) encourages her to try to move forward with her life. However, her attempts to reengage with friends and the workforce prove overwhelming, as Cindy is haunted by her past. As reality blurs with fantasy, Cindy finds her world increasingly tied to the murder mystery she is writing. In the end, Cindy must act as her own emancipator in order to free herself from the role she was expected to play.
(2012, directed by Shari Berman)
Winner, Audience Choice Award, Art of Brooklyn Festival; Prestige Award, Manhattan Film Festival; Award of Excellence, Indie Fest.

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The Unspeakable Act
Seventeen-year-old Jackie (Tallie Medel) tries to fight through reality’s intrusion on her incestuous desires when her older brother (Sky Hirschkron) gets his first girlfriend and prepares to leave for college. Her struggles with the separation take her to a therapist (Caroline Luft), whose work inspires Jackie’s interest in the workings of her own mind. Also starring Aundrea Fares and Kati Schwartz.
(2012, directed by Dan Sallitt)
Best Film, Sarasota Film Festival; Nominee for Best International Feature Film, Edinburgh Film Festival; Selection, Karlovy Vary, Vienna, many others.

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