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Picking Up the Baby
by Ellen Margolis; directed by Teresa K. Pond for Magic Portal Productions, Flea Theatre, New York Fringe Festival
Gretchen (Caroline Luft), a single woman, has chosen to adopt an African-American baby. Marla (Chandra Thomas), a young, pregnant African-American woman, agrees to the interracial adoption rather than place the child in foster care. The action alternates between monologues by Gretchen and Marla during Gretchen’s road trip from Los Angeles to Texas to meet Marla and the baby. The NY Fringe production also featured Keith Bolden and Rob Cameron.

How to Draw
How to Draw Mystical Creatures
by Ellen Margolis; directed by D. Michael Holmes for Tox Box Theatre Company, New York Fringe Festival
Two generations confront the limits of love and the presence of the big bad wolf. The action is non-linear yet forward-moving as it jumps among times and realities while it builds to an inevitable climax: a baby left on a doorstep with instructions to raise her in the faith; a mother (Caroline Luft) whose deep anxieties control her son’s (David Michael Roth) life; negotiating with Santa Claus; standing up to saints; and keeping the wolf from the door. All the characters are looking for something to believe in, while the author asks: do we have to destroy our children? The Toy Box production also featured Susan Maris, Debra Lass, Janet Dunson, Emily Bodkin, Ron Bopst, and John Moletress.
(Award for Excellence in Playwriting, NY Fringe Festival)

Curleys Wife
Of Mice and Men
directed by Harvey Perr for Mid-Westside Productions, Mint Theater
“Caroline Luft brought just the right kittenish quality to the part of Curley’s wife.”
– Daniel Selznick, TheatreScope Year-End Review